Hot Water Solar Collection


Solar collectors integrated into SIPCRETE panels

This is an example of how pipes are added to panels when in situe

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 21.26.47.png
  • Placing a grid of plastic pipe on top of the external mesh prior to spraying the concrete provides abundant supplies of hot water, we recommend the use of low cost Underfloor Heating pipe is used for this application it is low cost and comprises of 3/4 layers of plastic and aluminum, most of these pipes carry a lifetime guarantee and are resistant to calcium build up.

  • The network can be in either a south facing roof or wall, just ensure the tank is located above the pipework to ensure the thermosiphon circulation without the expense of a circulating pump.

  • The tank can be a standard hot water tank with a heat transfer coil within.

  • This system is incredible efficient as the concrete mass stores the heat energy of the sun and continually transfers heat to the hot water tank even after sundown, Thermal Panels cannot achieve this.

  • The cost is minimal a 100 meters of pipe will cost about €100 / £80.

  • The pipe work is simply fixed to the steel mesh with Nylon tyes.

  • This system was researched and proven by the Boston Society of Architects and a copy of the report can be downloaded on our download page