Sipcrete Structural Concrete Insulated Panels Constructing the Future


Easily made at home with our simple drill pattern sheet and a Workmate


Insulation foam, interconnectors, steel mesh & sprayed concrete.
Creates the sipcrete thermal mass monolithic composite building

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Sipcrete is a construction technique that maximizes the use of these building materials,
in a process that creates several unique time, cost and energy saving features.

“Structural Insulated Panel Concrete Composites”

The original technology dates back to 1974, it has been continually developed used and improved. Siptec are bringing their knowledge of SIP manufacture and application to the Sipcrete Thermocore, and bringing to the market, a stronger and far superior product that can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost of auto production machines. Using the Siptec composite Interconnector and low cost assembly methodology means Thermocores can be produced by DIY self builders and in low tec plants local to product use. The system has undergone some UK testing for strength, rigidity and fire ratings give a minimum 2hr rating from either internal or external fire sources, if you need longer you just increase the concrete thickness.

  • Sipcrete provides Superior Insulation Qualities that can economically meet whatever insulation standards you require. The patented process permits the polycore insulation boards to meet flush creating a sealed tight building structure, which is encased in two layers of concrete 50 mm of Sipcrete on the inside and the outside to provide the structural shell to eliminate all air infiltration (tight construction).

  • Sipcrete Compatibility with Solar and BTU Management Systems. lends itself ideally to a multitude of active and passive solar and other energy applications. The internal concrete Thermal Mass of Sipcrete provides an excellent storage medium for heat from internal loads or from passive solar gain. This energy is stored and re-radiated passively to assist in providing a stable internal environment.

  • Sipcrete permits/requires smaller sized heating and cooling equipment.

  • Sipcrete Low Maintenance The reinforced concrete system develops excellent impact strength, which eliminates incidental damage due to impact.

  • Sipcrete enables a wide variety of permanent finishes requiring very low maintenance and eliminates caulking between panels. Sipcrete is also resistant to moisture, mould, rot, vermin, termites and vandalism.

  • Sipcrete Design Flexibility permits unique design freedom due to the construction process and the building materials utilized. The PIR insulation core, which is supported by the patented Interconnectors and reinforcing steel assembly, acts as the form board former for the sprayed concrete operation. The insulation can be cut and formed, and the concrete sprayed to form unique arches, shapes and features. All types of wall floor and roof can be built with the system, garden walls, acoustic noise barrier walls adjacent to motorways etc.

  • Sipcrete Load-Bearing Capacity provides impressive design loading capabilities. The reinforced concrete panels provide structural strength enabling it to support any type of roof, floor. The system conforms with the Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete.
    The Sipcrete wall will give a seismic rating of “3”, higher than that required in earthquake prone areas, making the wall an ideal choice for all types of severe applications.

  • Sipcrete Fire Resistance gives a minimum 2hr rating from either internal or external fire sources, This qualifies the wall assembly and buildings for lower insurance ratings. Greater fire ratings can be achieved by adding additional concrete thickness as may be required for specific applications.

  • Sipcrete Reduced Noise Pollution The composite assembly has a sound transmission rating of 75, which is considered excellent in the industry, compared to an average rating of 40 for conventional construction, RW=56db.

  • Sipcrete Life Cycle Cost Effectiveness has an initial or front-end cost, which is well below most other building systems, the system was developed on the basis of Value Engineering with Life Cycle Costing in mind. During the life of the building, costs are much lower due to energy savings, and reduced insurance rates and maintenance work. (For Competitive Cost Information, go to costing.)

  • Sipcrete Time and Cost Saving Techniques uses small crews with lightweight building materials and fast concrete spraying techniques. Panels can be site-built or pre-assembled and moved to the site. This latter process can significantly reduce construction time and costs. Most projects utilize pre-engineering and prefabrication to control on site costs.

Make a Sipcrete SCIP in 7 minutes